Logical Fallacies Assignment for Wednesday, Dec. 4

Attached is the assignment sheet for Wednesday’s lesson.

You will be working with logical fallacies and faulty reasoning.  In addition to the fallacies listed on your handout last week, the idea of logical argument will also be presented.

The handout has a link to  Prezi.  View the Prezi and record responses to the questions about the video clips on a Google Doc.  Submit that to csinsap@asb.ac.th

Logical Fallacy Assignment for Tuesday (Wednesday for your section!)

Group Assignments for the exercise      The handout has the assingments for section 1.  Your assigned items are as follows:

Chris/Yuri/Alia  # 1-10

Natsuki/York/ Jean/Muay # 9-18

Gam/Praew/Bo # 16-25