Welcome Back

Happy New year and Welcome back to school!!

We start off this semester with a brief look at the Rationalism period.  This is the age of the revolution, the Declaration of Independence and rousing speeches.  it is an age of non-fiction with a focus on philosophy of thought and persuasion.

Materials:  A brief look at Benjamin Franklin’s  Autobiography in order to get a picture of the thinking and tone of the age.

We follow with our entry into the Romantic Period.

Check out the resources on Rationalism and Romanticism  (see Literary Periods tab ).

Assignments for Monday, Dec. 9

Logical Fallacies

Now that you have done some work with fallacies, it’s time to start looking at Act III and identifying the fallacies used  there.

I have assigned you the fallacies in pairs.  If you are in contact with the person with whom you are paired, you can work on finding the fallacies together through a shared document.  otherwise, work on them individually and we will put the ideas together on Wednesday.

Fallacy assignments:

Ad Hominem / Poisoning the well:  Jean, Chris

Appeal to fear:  Muay, Alia,

False Dilemma/False Dichotomy:  Natsuki, Yuri

Red Herring / Straw man: York, Bo

Post Hoc / Begging the question:  Praew, Gam

There are a few other fallacies used, so if you see one you think is an appeal to authority, hast generalization, or one of the others, go ahead and note it down.

fallacy assignment

It is also time for us to consider the final project.

Project options are on the attached document The clock is spinning in fast motion, so choose one that can showcase your understanding of the play, but that will not require too much time.  Those involving filming are probably not possible given the time we have left.  Send me a message telling me which project you will choose. 

Projects will be due the day that exams begin.

Crucible Project Options-2013



Logical Fallacies Assignment for Wednesday, Dec. 4

Attached is the assignment sheet for Wednesday’s lesson.

You will be working with logical fallacies and faulty reasoning.  In addition to the fallacies listed on your handout last week, the idea of logical argument will also be presented.

The handout has a link to  Prezi.  View the Prezi and record responses to the questions about the video clips on a Google Doc.  Submit that to csinsap@asb.ac.th

Logical Fallacy Assignment for Tuesday (Wednesday for your section!)

Group Assignments for the exercise      The handout has the assingments for section 1.  Your assigned items are as follows:

Chris/Yuri/Alia  # 1-10

Natsuki/York/ Jean/Muay # 9-18

Gam/Praew/Bo # 16-25


School Closure December 2

Dear students,

ASB has announced that school will be closed on Monday, December 2.  Please check your school e-mail for updates on school opening for Tuesday.

In the meantime, teachers are asked to post assignments online and have students submit work electronically should school be closed longer than Monday.

Please check back here for assignments and information.

We have started Crucible Act III and have just looked at the handout on logical fallacies.  You have the study guide for act 3 already.  if you do not have that with you, I can post a copy here and also a link to an online version of the play.  For now, just begin reading act II and responding to the study guide questions.


Hangman for Act III vocabulary plus character identification– have fun!